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How would you like to fall in love with the world again? We are all captivated by the stunning shapes and colors of flowers, tropical fish, birds, and butterflies – that beauty which reflects the living world. But there is another equally exquisite beauty found in the nonliving world: the graceful sculpted elegance of crystal shapes and vivid colors from the mineral kingdom. It is indeed an awe-inspiring experience to own and appreciate crystal specimens like the ones offered here. They contain the genealogy of the earth, and their intricate and unique designs and vivid colors reflect the creative forces of our planet in one of nature’s finest hours.

Where such crystals come from and how they were formed is definitively illustrated by the world-renowned and internally award winning The Proctor Gem Crystal & Mineral Collection.

The superiority of The Proctor Gem Crystal & Mineral Collection rests on its rarity, aesthetic, and exhibition merits. It is the culmination of 40 years of dedication by the Proctors to assemble a professional collection of more than 900 gem crystals and minerals that capture the natural beauty of the mineral kingdom in extraordinary combinations of color, form, and composition.

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